Text Box: The Jean Thomas ‘New York’ Music Journal

My 1960s Recording Diary

Back in 1963 when Jean was busy working as a song writer and session singer with New York publishing companies it was a practical and effective method to track your earnings and payments with a log book to record the sessions. In many cases she listed the songs she did and now thanks to her generosity we can see when important songs were recorded as well as the demos that were done which maybe never became a release.


We think this provides a unique historical snapshot of the times and we are researching the background to these songs where we can.


Click on our transcribed log book chapters and see our discovered tracks in ‘red’

Tracks discovered have been placed in Jean’s personal Archive.

The search continues for lost tracks which were only ever done as demos or on 45s we have not yet acquired..

Use our contact address if you want to add to the research. All contributions will be credited. Links to songs and other web sites will be added as the research develops. Well post more logs as we transcribe them.


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Session logs 1963 to 1970

Valerie Simpson, Jean Thomas, Ellie Greenwich and Mikie Harris in the studio. Photo courtesy of George Schowerer

1964 Part1

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1964 Part2

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1965 Part1

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1965 Part2

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1966 Part1

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1966 Part2

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Up-dated November 2011