Preserving with some of the creators of New York’s 60s music their stories and songs.

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If you have listened to 60s music at all you will have  heard Jean Thomas.

Either as a backing vocalist or as a girl group member she has appeared on many hundreds of tracks and has backed well known singers such as Ella Fitzgerald, Connie Francis, Lesley Gore, Neil Diamond, Barbara Striesand, Sarah Vaughn, Eydie Gorme and others.

Her most famous role was as lead singer of the ‘Rag Dolls’, Bob Crewe’s creation of a female Four Seasons.

A songwriter of over 80 songs and one of the best known commercial performers of the late 60s and early 70s the story of her journey and her brother Don’s, is a part of rock’n’roll history. But it is also about all those like Don and Jean that were the sound behind so many great records. The unknown and anonymous background singers or session musicians. We have in these evolving pages and with the help of Jean and her friends, told part of the story of this music’s creation and illustrated it with images and sound. Preserving with some of the creators of New York’s 60’s music their stories and songs for future generations .

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“Throughout the sixties I sang on backing sessions and as lead for hundreds of songs. The best of these were with Ellie Greenwich and Mikie Harris. When producers wanted to use us they would call any one of us and we would call the others.  Ellie got called first many times, as everyone knew her from her hit songs.  But Mikie and I got our share of calls from producers wanting to book the three of us. It's funny, but those were very innocent times.  It's hard to believe, knowing what we know of the music business today, but in our time in the business, we never saw drugs or wild parties.  I'm sure that went on, but we didn't see it. We were just having fun and considered ourselves very lucky that we were loving what we were able to do to make a living. Listening to all the songs again now brings back so many wonderful memories.  When I played them to my daughter I said , "Imagine, that was my job.  How great was that!!.  Not too hard to get up and go to work in the morning.” Jean

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Up-dated November 2011